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The frame can be attached to one or more wheels, directly or indirectly, which can help when transporting the chassis. En algunas realizaciones, el bastidor puede haberse configurado para evitar el doblamiento, el aflojamiento o el retorcimiento, incluso mientras atraviesa terreno irregular.

In some embodiments, the frame may be configured to prevent bending, twisting or loosening, even while traversing uneven terrain. The frame can provide a robust structure that supports one or more components of the assembly. Because the assembly can be used in a variety of environments, it may be advantageous for the frame assembly and are resistant to deformation and damage when transporting and using. For example, the assembly can be used in ways that are irregular shot.

Puede resultar ventajoso el hecho de que el bastidor soporte el transporte sobre una superficie irregular.

Más allá de la herrumbre, I: 1 (Seccion de Obras de Ciencia y Tecnologia) (Spanish Edition)

It may be advantageous that the support frame transport over an uneven surface. Como otro ejemplo, el bastidor y el conjunto pueden ser utilizados en exteriores, en emplazamientos remotos. As another example, the frame and the assembly can be used outdoors in remote locations. Incluso en el curso de condiciones adversas y de un desplazamiento y transporte prolongados, puede resultar ventajoso que la superficie de fondo del bastidor permanezca a una distancia generalmente consistente de una calzada u otra superficie sobre la que puede colocarse el conjunto.

Even during adverse conditions and a displacement and lengthy transport, it may be advantageous that the bottom surface of the frame remains at a generally consistent distance of a road or other surface which can be placed on the set. Therefore, the frame may be sufficiently strong and resistant against deformation or damage in a variety of conditions.

To transport the bundle, the frame may comprise a locking mechanism that can allow tow the assembly. In some embodiments, the frame comprises rings or hooks to a vehicle.

The vehicle can be configured to pull the assembly in short along the track route distances, or longer to transport the assembly to the workplace distances. A power source may be connected, or be connectable to at least part of the emitter assembly. The energy source may comprise a generator and may comprise a diesel generator or other source of energy. The power source may be arranged in the emitter or may be connectable to the assembly. The energy source may be part of a second set, positionable adjacent to the emitter assembly.

The function of the power source may be to provide energy or electricity to a power distribution device that can be located in the emitter or in the frame. In some embodiments, it may be arranged an electrical generator driven by diesel on a platform or trailer which can be movably connectable with the emitter assembly. The power distribution device may be disposed on at least a portion of the emitter assembly and can settle in at least part of the frame.

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The power distribution device may comprise one or more circuit disruptors or other mechanisms power supply interruption. The power distribution device may be configured so that receives power from the power source and distributes it to one or more electromagnetic radiation emitting panels. In some embodiments, the device comprises a power distribution box and disruptors metallic circuit, which may be similar to those found in commercial units or residential construction. The power distribution device can be connected temporarily or permanently the frame and, in some embodiments, it can be screwed by bolts to a surface of the frame.

The frame may support one or more emitters of electromagnetic radiation.

The emitters may be approximately 3. Modules may be arranged in one or more emitter. In some embodiments, the assembly comprises six modules so that each module measures approximately 1.

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In some embodiments, each module comprises multiple emitting panels. The emitters can generally be flat and may have disposed adjacent to one or more other issuers. Cada panel emisor puede, o no, contactar a tope con un segundo panel emisor. Each emitter panel may or may not contact with a second stop emitting panel. Each emitter panel may be electrically connected, directly or indirectly, with the power switching mechanism, and may be electrically connected in parallel or series with other emitting panels.